It was a hard decision in our team. After a long period of discussion, we finally made up our mind. We are thrilled to announce: Eruce has accepted Bitcoin Cash as its official currency for album order payment..

Previously, we used Bitcoin on our website. However, in the last 2 months, our customers found out it would be very difficult to get their payments confirmed. Usually, our albums cost from $1 to few bucks. With current status of Bitcoin Core, its impossible for us to continue our journey with them.

We decided to switch to Bitcoin Cash. We firmly believe it keeps true spirit of Satoshi’s original white paper – a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. As a result, we are happy to inform our customers that Eruce is sticking with Bitcoin Cash as a payment method for albums purchases. Cryptocurrency has evolved significantly in recent years and Eruce cannot miss that opportunity.

So please do not hesitate to buy your first albums here with Bitcoin Cash. Its our honours to serve you. If you are new to Bitcoin, visit this site to get more info.

Happy New Year!

Eruce Team